Carpet cleaning service

Carpet cleaning service

A warm and pleasant atmosphere can be created in each room with clean carpets. But what different types of carpets need sooner or later is professional care – with a durable and deep cleaning.

ADS Clean offers you professional carpet cleaning at a good price-performance ratio. We work with specially trained specialists with years of experience and we make sure that your carpet shines in a new splendor with great precision.
We offer you a reliable cleaning by particularly intensive surface cleaning or deep cleaning.
We differentiate between wet and dry cleaning Proven methods of wet cleaning include shampooing, spray extraction and suction extraction with shampooing or rinsing. Thorough suction is the best preparation.

Wet cleaning of carpets
When shampooing, the carpet is shampooed with the so-called single-disc or three-disc machine. A special brush is used to add tension to the carpet floor, which loosens dirt and blocks it in the foam. Suitable for all carpets that can be cleaned wet to wet, for carpets with medium dirt.

Dry cleaning of carpets
A professional dry cleaning of the carpet makes it possible to remove up to 95% of the dirt and also to successfully control harmful microorganisms. Here, a dry, prepared foam is distributed on the carpet using roller or disc brushes.

Other services:
Maintenance cleaning often occurs at a certain rate (daily or weekly). For an individual offer, we will discuss your needs in advance. In addition to the classic maintenance cleaning, we of course also offer many additional services in this area.
We are happy to include additional requests, such as cleaning dishwashers or coffee machines, cleaning the inside of refrigerators in the list of services.