Cleaning office space

Cleaning office space

Do you know if you clean your commercial spaces efficiently?
We offer reliable and comprehensive office cleaning – from cleaning the reception, floor care, monitors and offices to the conference rooms and canteen.
Your retail space is a business card – making a good impression on customers, suppliers and employees.
Trust our expertise in cleaning office and commercial space maintenance.

Advantages of regular maintenance cleaning:
Cleaning in office stations includes from cleaning the office, cleaning the floor to cleaning the kitchen and toilet. Regular cleaning and maintenance prevents stains. Even hard-to-remove dirt will be cleaned. This prevents grease stains from various surfaces and from the floor from settling (or dirt from the joints for tiled surfaces). Avoid costly special cleaning and rely on regular cleaning and maintenance.

Overview of office cleaning services:

  • Floor and surface cleaning (textiles and non-textiles)
  • Interior cleaning
  • Hygienic cleaning in the sanitary area (ceramic wall and floor tiles, sanitary installations, mirrors, etc.)
  • Cleaning equipment (computer, keyboard, telephone and office)
  • Inventory and furniture cleaning
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Waste disposal
  • descaling

Other services:
Maintenance cleaning often occurs at a certain rate (daily or weekly). For an individual offer, we will discuss your needs in advance. In addition to the classic maintenance cleaning, we of course also offer many additional services in this area.
We are happy to include additional requests, such as cleaning dishwashers or coffee machines, cleaning the inside of refrigerators in the list of services.