Stair cleaning services

Stair cleaning services

Stair cleaning is especially important for companies, offices and businesses. These are the first point of contact for customers and guests. The lobby shines, the windows are perfectly clean and every corner is carefully cleaned.

Such cleaning of stairs can only be done with the help of a reliable cleaning company, which has conscientious staff. Many benefits result from hiring an external company to clean the hall and once you have enjoyed such a professional service, you will not want to give it up.

Stair cleaning includes:

  • Sweeping the ladder followed by deleting them
  • Clearing the railings
  • Cleaning the front doors
  • Removing spider webs
  • Cleaning mailboxes
  • Cleaning the windows on the stairwell

Other services:
Maintenance cleaning often occurs at a certain rate (daily or weekly). For an individual offer, we will discuss your needs in advance. In addition to the classic maintenance cleaning, we of course also offer many additional services in this area.
We are happy to include additional requests, such as cleaning dishwashers or coffee machines, cleaning the inside of refrigerators in the list of services.